Model: (Click to see more) 58470: Holiday Buggy 2010
Status: NIB
Date: 3-Feb-2021
Comments: 9
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Something I have been meaning to get a hold of back in the days (late 90's) but couldn't. Between racing and collecting? It's always the prior. :) .. One of things I can now tick off the list.

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Masami XLS to the Holiday Buggy.... you're certainly running the gamut, mate!



Incredible_Serious, Indeed, but you amongst the many of the original TC members around the year 2000's were setting the standards. It only took me 20+ years later to catch up lol. btw, you haven't answered your email regarding the PB's?



2 months away from TCs 19th Birthday!



I just bought a HB 2010 as well. Probably won't get to build it for a while, but from what I've seen it looks like a great little buggy. Are you going to build/run these?


Hey so how come you need so many of each kit?



Three's a party! And I thought I had an issue owning 3 DT02's and 1 DT03 Any particular plans for these?



Very nice mate great little buggy!, and wow 19th yeah TC! well done Chris thats great..



NetsmithUK ~ Advance happy bday with your project, 19 years down the line and it doesn't seem to be dying anytime soon. Also, what's with the posters who are 'anonymous'? How do I do that? I want to see how I can stalk my peers

871c2, I will probably build one of these in the near future ~ I know my kids went on to build their Mad Bull's & a tt-02 Audi and so yes, we do build them, slowly.

Tamiyastef, as with my previous answer, we will build one - maybe 2 and keep an NIB. I think we can indulge in a bit of fun now and then?

And to the poster who has no name and everyone else who asks these same types of questions ~ 'Why do you have so many'?
1, If you haven't already figured it out yet, I am a collector. Please take the time to look up the definition.
2. What you see in my collection is nothing new, other collectors/hobbyist has been doing this over the years ever since I first joined TC in the early 2000's. The original members and NetsmithUK (Owner) can attest to this, have done the very same thing (collected more than one or two of the same car). Just look around here, you won't need to go too far to find the very same thing.
3. Given how you wrote your question, it seems you may have a grudge against those who are in the 'making' or those who might seem 'successful'? and to be honest and to your point, I have asked myself the very same thing when I had humble beginnings here on TC. I had asked myself why do all these folks from just about every corner of the globe have so many? why are they doing this? I'll even go as far to say, they may be showing off, have too much money than sense, they're being greedy. Well, I can tell you it's certainly not around 'greed or showing off'. A bit of crazy? Anyone who spends money on toys have to have a little crazy in them (we're grown men for crying out loud) there's nothing normal about playing with toys past puberty, no?. More money than sense? Perhaps, I could have bought myself a couple of corvettes (would you or anyone think more or less of folks like me)? Would I be more or less successful or stupid?... My desire was driven by my peers a long time ago, who can muster and afford highly collectable items I can only wish I had. Along comes covid, with not much else to do, a few pennies in the bank. I like to tinker with my hands, enjoy the part of acquisition and here we are, living the dream and stepping into their footsteps. There are MANY of them here, some have been dormant but their collection is far far superior to mine. I have many Re-Re's but theirs are the Originals, they are the one's that do deserve more of the attention and 'AWE'. I don't know what part of the globe your from but where I am, success is to be celebrated, coaxed, evolve. So why not?



3 is perfect!!! 1 NIB, 1 thrasher and 1 to think about what to do with. I have multiples but none NIB, for me its just an obsession with certain Tamiyas. I had 4 Humvees and 6 Falcons, gave a Humvee to me dad and sold 3 Falcons... kept my favourites though. Nice post and responses to peoples comments too, I like that.

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