Model: (Click to see more) 99983: Associated
Status: Runner
Date: 5-Feb-2021
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A stamped
Model versions:
#6000 Basic kit, less all electrical, less bearings $188.00
#6010 Full kit, less battery, less bearings $225.00
#6012 Full kit, less battery, body, wing, bearings $215.00
#6016 Full kit, ball bearings, less battery $290.00
#6020 Full kit, with battery pack, less bearings $265.00
Heat treated, gold anodized aircraft aluminum chassis tub.
Replaceable gold anodized nose (skid) plate.
Adjustable wheelbase.
Two spring sets, low and high rate.
High volume hydraulic shocks, double O-Ring sealed, gold anodized.
Adjustable, limited-slip ball differential.
Servo saver, linkage, and universal servo mounts fit most radios.
Prefabricated oilite bushings throughout (except ball bearing kits).
Quick-change battery- and body-mounting hardware.
High-traction pneumatic tires: knobby rears, grooved fronts.
High-impact nylon rear rims fit Associated and Tamiya 'Holiday' tires.
Quick-change knock-off rear hubs are key-locked to the axle.
High-impact nylon front wheels.
Quality screws throughout. Allen cap, button, flat heat, and aluminum flat head.
Step-by-step assembly instructions, with photos of every step.
In addition, some kits include all or part of the following:
Yokomo stock class 05 motor.
Heavy-duty throttle resistor, wiper, bypass, and mounting bracket.
16-gauge silicone wiring harness, with dropping diodes for radio.
Durable clear polycarbonate body, with driver and adjustable wing.
6-cell NiCd pack and fast-charge cord.
Precision ball bearing set, 16 bearings total.

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