Model: (Click to see more) 58452: Sand Scorcher
Status: NIB
Date: 17-Feb-2021
Comments: 2
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Was very dissatisfied with the way areas of the body were looking post-paint, especially the hood and petals.
So before finalizing, I'm going back and revisiting those particular areas that still showed ghosts of knife marks and sloppy tape cutting even after colors,
Rather get it right and try to get the sanding etc down on this one before foraging onto a new body without learning from prior mistakes.

5 Back into the spray booth 2 Portable spray booth from Master Hobby 3 Fashioned some homemade sanding sticks 3 Had to really work those knife lines out 3 2 10 A better foundation... 3 Spray primer and then sand 3 We'll see how it goes..

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Yeah this hobby make us better at most things like engineering and being creative but painting is one area l have started to struggle with in the last few years especially hand painting, not such sharp eyes and hands it seems! But l always give it a go especially if l am generally not happy with something! Good luck with the shell. Cool spray booth!



Thanks Mad-Bee , I found that little booth on Amazon. I find my carpal tunnel from years in the construction industry causes my hands to literally numb up when I'm trying to paint those details - even turning those allen wrenches after a while ... Have to stop and take breaks to let them recover lol .

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