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Status: Runner
Date: 21-Feb-2021
Comments: 5
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Finally decided on a body and got it painted for my Losi LMT. This started as a Roller model, added a Castle Mamba Monster 2 ESC with 2650kv motor and 4-wheel steering. Unfortunately the stock cage is just too tall to properly mount a standard body so had to remove it for now...I'll eventually cut it up and integrate it into the body for a more realistic look. I hated the short course style wheels at first, but they do perform well, just painted the inside black so they are not as noticeable. Painted the fronts in aluminum and detailed the beadlock rings. I plan on adding RC4WD beadlocks and 2.6 tires shortly, the Losi 17mm wheels will find a new home on my Kyosho Mad Force.

Body is a JConcepts 1979 Ford that I cut wheel wells out of to cheat the wheelbase, came out OK. Paint is Tamiya PS16 backed with PS41 and PS5. Haven't gotten to run the truck much due to the weather we're having, but from the short time I have run it it's obvious this truck is a beast. Even on 2S the 1/8th scale power system is very strong. Hope to have some fun racing this truck when Spring comes.

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Looks great!



Well done - really turned out great - the body is as it should be exaggerated in a great way - the decals on the frame really give it the 1:1 feel , super good!



Truck looks good. Those tires look great!



Thanks for the nice comments guys. For the body I cut out nearly the entire wheelwell to make it look like a 1:1 fibergalss version, came out pretty good. Also did it to cheat the wheelbase, it's nearly a 13.5' wheelbase truck whereas the body was only 12.5'. With the original wheelwells it would not have looked right.

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