Model: (Click to see more) 58122: Blitzer Beetle
Status: Runner
Date: 22-Feb-2021
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Looking at my showroom here made me realize I never did the promised second part of the Racing here it is. The whole project was done with two of my buddies - Tobias and Dirk. They built the same car and we wanted to race our car's at the upcoming vintage event in Limburg (NL)
The main problem was the short gearing of the blitzer, as we wanted to race 13,5t brushless-power, which needed a higher gearing. Dirk did a great job adapting a TT-01 spur-gear to the gearbox which enabled us to run 6,2:1 instead of 10:1 ratio and 0.6 pitch pinions.

Tobias then made CNC machined carbon shock-towers for both ends so we not only had mor shock-mounting-options, but also some rollcenter-adjustments. That should come very handy as the race would be on an indoor carpet track.
I used a Sky RC Toro 050 ESC and Gens Ace shorty batteries.
This project was very special to me as this was a very enjoyable project of 3 very experienced Tamiya fanboys who did all the construction and exchanging of ideas and stuff via WhatsApp without ever meeting before the race. Sadly Tobias couldn't make it to the race due to an injury, but Dirk and me ran our cars very successfully against all those vintage Associated cars. Dirk even made it to the podium. I missed it by a small margin. Just a great project.

List of modifications:
1. Yeah-Racing aluminium steering for Tamiya M-07
2. changed servo-position (Savox 1257TG Servo)
3. Ruddog aluminium-servohorn
4. Yeah-Racing alu-servo posts
5. 6.2:1 gearbox by 'Tamiya Psychos'
6. 4mm carbon shock towers by 'Tamiya Psychos'
7. 3Racing titanium rods
8. Losi shocks
9. Tamiya Top-Force universal drive shafts (shortened)
10. Diff locked apprx 70% (Tamiya Diff Putty)
11. Yeah-Racing steel balls 5mm
12. Tamiya 5mm ball connectors #50875 and #54257
13. rubber-sealed ball bearings
14. high quality steel hex-screws all round (RC
15. Kamtec Sand Scorcher lexan body
16. Sky RC Toro 050 Brushless-ESC
17. GM Race Brushless Motor 13,5T
18. Shorty Lipo

4 Blitzer 'R' at the race-meeting 4 The new gearbox carbon! 1 steering 1 Frontend 4 the finished project

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