Model: (Click to see more) 58149: Rover Mini Cooper
Status: New built
Date: 23-Feb-2021
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The car that got me started and an honour to meet Mr Tamiya in 2005 and Mr Tony Law, Owner and Distributor of Tamiya Singapore, both didn't hesitate to sign on my car. The car became the thumbnail on Tamiya Website on Paichi Digital (Now Dsyfuct) for 6 months.

2 Mr Tamiya Signs on Beanie 1 My 1/1 Car Collection taken in 2020 Mr Tony Law, owner of Stargek Singapore 1 Mr Tamiya, Beanie and me 3 Some of my Mini Collection 2 Printout of Website as of March 2005 3 Paichi Printout 1 Mr Law, put his name on my car 1 The Photo that got Viral in 2005 The Actual car being built in 2019 1 On the road, Mr Bean !!

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