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Status: Project
Date: 24-Feb-2021
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I got this conversion back in 2001, back then, I have no idea how to fix it as has literally no instructions and I had little skills to making custom parts. 1) Some parts missing and TA01/2 parts were rare as it was discontinued 2) Tamiya fuel tank didnt work. It required a Kyosho fuel tank, very wierd. 3) The steering bell crank all had interference. Full throw was not possible. 4) Brake disc not available. 5) Found a 30 sized Helicopter which fits

3 The 'Only' Instruction that came with the kit 3 On the CAD, I designed the fuel tank adapter 2 I made both designs 3 Referencing to the fuel tank 1 Design 1 onto the chassis 2 Design 2 onto the chassis Design 1 with fuel tank 1 Design 2 with fuel tank 2 The OS 12CV-X was used 4 The clutch bell is a perfect fit 2 The kit included a muffler extension 1 Electronics in !!! 2 Fuel Filter Fitted 1 Tamiya Aluminium Dampers chosen for this model 4 Found a 30 size muffler from a Helicopter 2 Looks good 1 Looks GODLY 1 Overall looks ok 1 TGX air filter finishes the look Blue parts ready for Part 2 ???




Ha! Welcome to my world - these are crazy kits to try and work out. Here's a thread in the forum about my build of one of these, which I am close to completing (a Kyosho 92301 fuel tank fits by the way, and is the same as the one in the instruction sheet): [Click here]
And more in my showroom here: [Click here]



I just find it ridiculous to need parts from Kyosho. I still prefer Tamiya parts whenever possible, my 2nd one will use a FS-12 for sure

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