Model: (Click to see more) 58602: Mitsubishi Pajero Rally
Status: Project
Date: 28-Feb-2021
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So bought this pajero off eBay for a ridiculously cheap amount. It needed a couple parts replacing but I saw an opportunity to get the old girl back on the road. Here's what I did:
Fitted a good unused chassis tub which came with chrome upper parts, new Tamiya wheels and tyres from jk-rc, new aluminium shock mounts on the rear. New front bumper and rear body mounts. New steering set up. Lastly fitted a led bar to the roof and put new electrics in it apart from the motor. The previous owner had just fitted the uprated red shocks and aluminium rods on the rear suspension and fitted new rubber sealed bearings throughout. I'm really pleased how it's turned out. The led bar is so bright ... brilliant for night crawling

Update new body sprayed and decals applied. I'm not very good at bodies but turned out ok.

5 4 3 2 4 2 1 New body shell 1 1 4 2

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