Model: (Click to see more) 58035: Wild Willy Willys M38
Status: Runner
Date: 2-Mar-2021
Comments: 7
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I was talking to a friend a couple of days ago. Like me, he has several Wild Willy / Wild Willy 2 models, and like me he's still very enthusiastic about them!
How many is too many? Too many? I don't know what that means!!

So here's my little bunch. I got back into the hobby 12 or 13 years ago so it's fair to say it's taken a while to get to this stage. The red Wild Willy 2 was the first to arrive - I was so pleased when I found that they were available!! When I was a kid I wanted, but never got, a Wild Willy M38 so the Wild Willy 2 was as near as I could get at the time, and didn't disappoint. It's still a regular runner.

Eventually I got two originals, one short wheelbase and one long. Both were very scruffy, restored them both myself. Love them!!
The rest are a varied bunch - a couple more Wild Willy 2's, a GF-01, two have TLT-1 chassis and one runs on a custom chassis, Clodbuster axles and Juggernaut tyres!

I've had most of these for years but even now, whenever I look at them I can't help smiling. And that, I think, says it all...

3 2 8 9 3 3 3 4 3

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Very cool!



Personally I stopped at 17 or 18 - to me that was too many



Fantastic collection Rob! Go on then pick your favourite??
For me its that original masterpiece in pic 3 but yeah l get it you love them all mate and you don't want one or more of your Willy's getting upset! Or even worse damn mad!!!



The words 'Too many?' don't exist in my rc car collection also!!
Every one of your Willy´s looks great!
Regards Peter



What's the internet for, if you can't have pictures of a guy playing with his Willy(s)..... great collection mate!



Very nice! This is more like old school Tamiya, nowadays they just seem to change the colour of one and the same model every now and then...



I’m with you Rob, what does Too Many mean? My philosophy is that I’d like to have my collection plus one, which seems to continue on

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