Model: (Click to see more) 58477: Zahhak
Status: NIB
Date: 7-Mar-2021
Comments: 3
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I bought this on preorder from Fusion Hobbies on 27th December 2019. What a cool buggy! After seeing some amazing work on the forum I bought a Shapeways gearbox designed by TCer ThunderDragonSy and a TA06 gear diff fpr when I eventually build & run it.

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This is one of those buggies that had little popularity from the start but you wait it will have its day and be sort after one day and hunted for in the distant future! Maybe??
I personally like it for what it is...yes its a little oddball but its got a very distinctive and unique look and a chassis that has a great racing pedigree!
Its odd really as l love this buggy and dislike it at the same time lol but that's what makes it intriguing to me!
Very nice mate should be awesome to run! Will you go for the awful but wicked boxart? See l still can't decide on this buggy so to me that's me sold! If you get that! Haha!



Yeah it’s marmite but it’s mustard I am a sucker for pink RC it’s as simple as that.



Iol yeah well said! I love Marmite!!
Pink does look good on RC cars just look at the Frog and all the MS designs so 100% with you on that buddy! Enjoy the build mate.

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