Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 23-Mar-2021
Comments: 6
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Not a matter of 'if' but rather, when. The thought of getting a rock crawler has played on the mind for quite some time. For the first time, I've taken a keen interest in trucks ~ crawlers. With the collection of Tamiya trucks, purchases of stadium trucks for my boys to start club racing , I guess it was just inevitable. Taking baby steps forward and there's no turning back from here on out. :)
I have just the place to put these Outlaw bandit loose to go on the rampage. 15 Mins drive to Vasquez rocks (for all you CA, USA or Sci-Fi ~ film buffs) will put one of these bad boys on an awesome platform to strut it's stuff. Shouldn't be too hard since this is more or less 70% pre built. Since Kyosho kit's don't come sealed shut, taking a peep was a no brainer and having held this in the palm of my hands make it overwhelmingly tempting to load this bad boy the necessary stuff to kick some dirt. I am almost there.

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Are those spare tires real working spare tires?



Good question Nikko85 and you'd be forgiven to think for display only but yes, they do look, weigh & feel real enough to be useable spare tires.



Very nice mate! Kyosho do some really good looking trucks!



This has been on my list for a while, let us know how it performs!



MAD-BEE, Cheers m8.

871c2 I may have to strip down the gearbox and change out the stock spur gear, that's if I decide to run a BL system, also have to fill some gaps in between gearbox casing so it doesn't let in any dirt. Something similar I did to the boy's RedCat Volcano. Dirt got into the box and stripped out standard gears ~ I then swapped it out with a metal spur and covered all the gaps & crevasses (glue + foam), so far so good. Think I'll have to do the same here minus steel spur but I will run in either an AE or TLR spur instead. I'll do an update when possible.



Love the look of these Kyosho trucks, so tempted by them. Enjoy it mate its beautiful. Post pics please once ready for action.

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