Model: (Click to see more) 99969: Thunder Tiger
Status: NIB
Date: 26-Mar-2021
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So this started life as a Hobbyking 1/5th Scale Nitro Bike. I had seen it way back around 2012 and I looked and looked and looked but never bought it. Then it went out of stock! in 2014 I was just browsing around again and there it was back in stock so I grabbed it.

Its either a clone of a clone or its a rebranded 'Victory Hawk VH-GPS' my hunch is Hobbyking bought them off Victory and resold them as Hobbyking. Either way its a clone of the Thunder Tiger Ducati Nitro - TTN.

Bikes are hard to drive and set up and unlike a car where to set the steering running straight you just squeeze the throttle and then adjust - rinse and repeat, with bikes they need to run continually or they fall over and this makes for quite a challenge when new. Add to that the the engine that originally came with this was a single needle which is notoriously hard to tune as its either rich at idle and quits or its lean at full power and blows up!

Ive been through around 3-4 engines but finally a couple of years ago an original TTN engine came up and that is what I now use, plenty of adjustability and easy to tune. I have three bodys for this, the original Green and Yellow with rider dolly, then I have an original Thunder Tiger Ducati Unpainted with a new old stock TTN Rider Dolly and finally what you see at the top is a modified Kamtec M3R-16 Shell.

The bike is around 90% Thunder Tiger now as most of the original parts are just too soft to use and cause all sorts of issues when setting up. I get to run this a few times each year, generally in the summer months. It always puts a smile on my face and is a real joy to handle. I am keen to one day go to a proper track and just try her out, still on the radar, maybe who knows this is the year :)

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What a beauty, it looks real! I would like to see a video of this baby in action, must be a treat to drive as long as you don't crash it given how delicate it seems to be. Great piece of RC!



@Ferruz - yeah I fell in love with the look, engineering and scale. Here is a bit of running a couple of years back - [Click here]



This is truly a piece of art! Love it!

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