Model: (Click to see more) 99981: Traxxas
Status: Other
Date: 29-Mar-2021
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Wanted to share my in the moment of receiving my Traxxas TRX 1 limited addition. I have been on the hunt for this buggy for over 5 years. In that time I have seen one or two and then they were missing parts or only fit for spares. The TRX 1 is super rare and parts are impossible to find! so buying a beaten up version will end up costing a lot more in the long run. Finding perfect examples is near to impossible until last week. Not only have I sourced a rare buggy but it also came with an original TRX 1 body unopened from 1991. It is boxed with all its paperwork and decals. Also included are a selection of unopened parts and used parts all adding to this one off unique ebay find. I can honestly say I have spent 100's of hours, month after month then the years adding up searching for this buggy and now finally I have it. It is by far the holy grail of the Traxxas range and I am over the moon with joy, just goes to show that even with rc buggys climbing up in price and these unique and rare ones never turning up! Never give up as its just a matter of time.
Now here's some history on this wonderful buggy. The seller was the original owner and bought this from new when it was first released. Here is a few words from what he passed on to me, I love hearing story's like this as it really does make collecting so much more interesting.
Sellers info.
This was purchased along with another one purchased as spares after it had been left for many years, I made 1 out of 2.

Back in the early 90's I raced it at a club behind the Shoulder of Muton Pub in Lichfield staffs. Also at a few indoor clubs, it would usually come away with an A final place, I then moved to 4WD 1/5th scale and 1/10th saloon cars.

I painted it like the box and it always drew a crowd, it looked great and always finished.

Happy collecting to everyone in the rc world. Pinpoint.

Excellent condition box. All paperwork present. 1 Various parts, some unopened. Holy grail, TRX 1 body shell unopened. 2 No scuffs or marks.... 1 All period parts, motor yokomo ppo stock. 3 2 No visible signs of ware, Race entry level,




Good things come to those who wait



Nice pick up, back when Traxxas wanted to take the RC10 on head to head. History suggests they changed focus, but this is a very cool thing to have in your collection.



Indeed, looking back thro a issue of 1992 Race car it was Trazzas race entry buggy with a price tag of £188! Alot more expensive than there others buggys at the time. Thanks guys.



Wow I nvr knew Traxxas made a race vehicle of any sort. Back in the few years of the late 90s when i was in the hobby, i was under the impression they were a cheap and cheerful casual RC brand haha!

This looks really really cool. I am happy for you!



Cheers and thank you.

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