Model: (Click to see more) 58040: Lancia Rally
Status: Other
Date: 6-Apr-2021
Comments: 5
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Tamiya lancia from the golden period for RC cars. I came across this super item on our friendly local aution site lol! Never owned one before and decided to purchase as it's in a condition that I wouldn't miss out on. So made an offer and we made a deal.
The buggy hasent seen any outdoor use, the tyres are as if they have just came out the box along with the hubs that haven't yellowed at all. It's fitted with period electronics and has an the 7.2 volt hump battery pack. So it was built and never used from the mid 1980's! This is a true barn find hence I could not let this time capsule pass me buy.
I remember this so well as a boy and couldn't understand the logic of the wheel arches, it always looked wrong but now it just adds total character and charm too this buggy and in its self makes the lancia stand out more than most Tamiya buggys. As for its rushed design! as far as I know it's the only incorrect body fit Tamiya ever made. There usually exact and very procise. This is a lovely buggy with oodles of charm and from a period long gone but well loved.
Happy RC hunting guys. Pinpoint

Looks retro! Mad idea so shell fits! One of the best rear ends on any buggy! Tyre's are soft and as new, factory fresh! All sealed body parts. Semi built then put into storage.




Very nice example ,and getting harder to find . I was lucky to pick up one of these boxed with radio , not seen much outside use either . nice to have in any collection



What a find! Congrats! Awesome car.



I think they look great with those oversized tyres. Good find



Thank you, hedge, koenc and KEV THE REV. Nice to here from you guys and your thoughts. Kind regards.



Love hearing stories like these, awesome find indeed!

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