Model: (Click to see more) 58151: Calsonic Primera (Ltd. Ed.)
Status: New built
Date: 6-Apr-2021
Comments: 4
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Upgraded Special FF-01 Chassis with the unique blue hopup heatsink.

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Great looking TC, luv the blue motor heatsink & chassis layout though I'm not a huge fan of those mechanical speedo's anymore. You're car looked like it was made to be driven with speed, the fact the body is sitting very low gives it an illusion it's almost a 1:1 scale. as for the red and blue wheel nuts on either side? Good Job.



Such a cool car. Love the color and wheels combination. Enjoy!



That looks amazing. The Primera is the one super touring car I really still need to get. Got most of the others Great looking model!



Thanks for the kind comments
The color of the wheel nut indicates if the thread of the nut is left or right handed (on the real car, but the Tamiya nuts are right handed regardless the color).I think the right side red nuts are left handed and the left side nuts are right handed. That way they are self tightening when torque during acceleration is applied.

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