Model: (Click to see more) 49190: Dyna Storm Rerelease
Status: New built
Date: 8-Apr-2021
Comments: 6
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It started with a bargain rerelease Dyna Storm 7 years ago, resting in my storage for the last years. Until wrenchdog started his mid motor conversion project here on TC in 2020. I tried to support Tom in his idea, which was well thought out and designed. So one of the first conversion sets was mine! It was a real pleasure to start the assembly with a completely new kit. Brought me back to 1993, when I built my original Dyna Storm, which I still own. Good memories all over. And by the wrenchdog conversion, using a shorty Lipo pack, a mid motor is possible. Key is the main gear shaft of the TR15 T, which makes turning the gearbox 180 degree possible. Front bulkhead is also a wrenchdog 3d printed version, to save the original NOS part as spare. Body is a very nice repro from Penguin, as I did not want to cut the original body for the first attempt. Engine and ESC are a TBLE02 put on brushless mode and an old Speed passion 13,5t Sportsman motor faked as 'Pink Acto Power-brushless'. You can find the build thread on the forum for more details.
All the fame has to go to Collin aka Tom from Vienna, who made this conversion possible for me! Wrenchdog rules, check out his homepage!
Build thread here:

Toms Homepage:

5 nice shapes. 2 Comparison to my original release 2 PS16 very light backed by PS63 and black. 1 The custom Wrenchdog parts in pretty carbon! 1 Custom stickers designed by Tom, printed by MCI 2 custom cutting the penguin bodyshell. 2 Fun build, many little details to be changed. 2 ESC installation close to the motor. 4 first rollout last Octobre. 3 'Riders on the storm'




Now there's something you don't see everyday when it comes to the Dyna storms. Very nice.



Thank you Dirt-Racer, it just made so much sense to try the conversion, as I hadn´t the need for 2 stock Dynas. And just to keep it as spare parts, the Rere kit was too much fun to build in the end.



Looks very neat and tucked in well. I love the pink motor accent as well. How does it handle compared to stock Dyna condifguration?



Thanks Killajb, handling still has to be checked on a real track! Due to the virus, I only could do a garden run on grass. Im waiting for the day for a proper track testing against my rear motor Dyna.


Beautiful! Love this mid Dyna Storm.



love these- looks very good on mid config . greetings jürgen

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