Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 14-Apr-2021
Comments: 4
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Hi there,

as i had these Buggys as a kid (a Marui Ninja i still have in my collection) an my friend owned some Kyoshos (Pegasus, Optima, Corvette High Rider), i tried to get my favorite cars now to drive them and for the fun of restauration.

This Car came from Japan in very dirty but overall good condition. I cleaned it and painted it (with two different Sides by mistake). Still like this car and it goes very well out there.

Best regards Cougan

16 17 17 before cleaning... 14




Nice catch there. I think it's becoming more rarer to see anyone catching these little gems nowawadays? You can get those chains a little cleaner if you leave them soak in wd40's for about a week, just to bring them out of their oxidized state?



Many thanks! the chain could be better, here ist a pic after cleaning still noch perfect will try what you said.



I remember these fondly BITD and recently been tempted to pick one up. I love the chain drive!!



Thanks, Have another one in good condition feel free to give me a message if you want.

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