Model: (Click to see more) 58450: TT01R Type-E Chassis Kit
Status: NIB
Date: 19-Apr-2021
Comments: 4
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Built kit bought from a member via the forum.
I like the carbon top deck for the earlier tt01 chassis so retro fitted it with the tt01 steering set and stabilizer set.
Load of hop ups
Titanium wheel axles
Aluminium turnbuckle shafts
Aluminium prop shaft
Speed tuned gear set
Ball diffs front/rear
Lightweight diff balls
Universal shafts
Aluminium wheel hexes
Full set of titanium screws
Adjustable upper arms
Carbon damper mounts
42102 trf dampers
Aluminium damper spring retainers
Latest sport tuned motor and heat sink
High torque servo saver
Aluminium servo cap
Tamiya bearings
RC1400scr battery
TEU105 bk esc
Tamiya TSU-03 servo
Tamiya receiver

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Awesome color scheme! It looks great!

Outta Control


Awesome body! Love the color combo!



love the paint job - unique and the wheels and carbon bits set it off - great car!



Great livery on this one! I didn't expect it to go so well together with those stunning wheels. Nice work with all the hop ups.

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