Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 20-Apr-2021
Comments: 3
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Yes, it's another one of those 'Why do you have 2+ of the same model'. I'll cut to the chase just in case we have another misunderstanding and can't be bothered to browse the rest of my collection to see how many times I've had to answer the same questions over and over again. Corr gordan bennet I feel like some broken 12' Vinyl. Yes I am that old, grumpy ole fart and proud lol. I am just living it up since I've had to make safrices of giving up this hobby many times over the years and so now I'm back on track making up for lost time.

Anyways, where was I? Yeah so this is one that put 2wd buggy racing on the map for me, the RC10's didn't even come close in terms of appeal until a few years later. I always used to pop into that infamous yuppy store called Hamley's based off Oxford street/Picadilly circus (downtown London) when we were let off school early. A couple of Hamley sales rep were racing this up & down the shop floor and I was in such awe and envy my friend had to talk and drag me out of there after spending 2hrs just looking at every RC they had on display. Good times. This was also featured in the 1987 offroad 1/10th world champs over in Romsey UK which I was lucky to watch. It took 3 team drivers qualifying in the top 3 spots for the 'A' Finals one of which was in the hands of Trinity golden boy Joel Johnson and yup he won with a factory modeified Ultima. It certainly put Kyosho on the racing map, no longer to be taken lightly. Overall it took the top two spots with the other ending up 5th in the main. Not a bad first outing for the new Kyosho car.

Unlike the Original Kyosho Ultima, this re-re has had revisions added to make certain it's transmission will be able to handle todays powerful brushless motors by adding a slipper clutch.

I have every intention building one and hope to collect more if & when oppurtunity presents itself.

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The ultima is such a good buggy enjoy.



This is such a great kit of such an iconic car of my youth, I have a NIB waiting to be build, it is the future build I am most looking forward to. Enjoy your build.

P.S.: I would buy 10 of each kit I like if I could afford and justify the expense. I know that collector's itch all to well



Love the look of the Ultima, such a nice buggy. I am planning on racing mine in a vintage series, we are starting up, between a small group of guys here in Denmark.

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