Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 22-Apr-2021
Comments: 6
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Yup 2 serving please ;) Just be careful it doesn't bite cuz this nearly pinched my wallet. Can't say I'm a huge fan of the shell but for a collectors standpoint and with some loose change. Why not?

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If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Kyosho Beetle




Another nice couple. I miss this one and the Tomahawk from the legendary series. Maybe it is time to do something about it, before they dissappear from the shelves.



It will be your lucky day soon Jesper, I will post the Tomahawk for you in due time lmao. I will prolong your suffering and my ammusement. Joke aside, I had to give this a 2nd look before passing this off as 'maybe some other time' buggy. When I looked at the rear suspension, it looked unique and so here they sit amongst it's bretheren of Kyosho chassis's.



I can still resist the call of the scorpions only because I like the look of the tomahawk so much more. I almost bought a tomahawk but then I realised how much more I would like it when it had the closed tub of the scorpions... so I ended up with an ultima, the one that's open like the tomahawk and looks more like the scorpions. But hey, being nuts is neat!



Tamiyastef, prioritizing means you're smart. I had to do the same thing every now and again before I even got to where I am and so keep the faith.



I bought 2 of these way back when they were released too, I built one and still have 1 NIB. Very iconic



mtbkym01, good for you. There's this one guy here on this side of the pond and would you like to guess how many Team Associated B3's he ended up with over the years? Take your best guess you guys.

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