Model: (Click to see more) 42103: TA05MS Chassis Kit
Status: NIB
Date: 24-Apr-2021
Comments: 3
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One of my recent builds.
A TRF in all but name.
Loads of nice kit included but I added a few more hop ups.
Aluminium diff housing
Lightweight diff balls
Lightweight wheel axles
Titanium inner and outer suspension shafts
Aluminium damper spring retainers
Aluminium damper top caps
Carbon battery strap
Carbon bumper holder
Titanium screws
Super stock type TZ motor
TEU302BK esc
TRU-05 receiver
Tamiya servo 03
RC2400sp battery
BMW M3 body
Just the tyre decals to apply.




Very clean! Nice work! Love all the blue bits.



Lovely looking chassis, body on looks tremendous too. Big fan here

sven b


I prefer the chassis to the body but it does look smart

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