Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Project
Date: 26-Apr-2021
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An unexpected turn of events recently brought this Kyosho Vanning into my hands. I knew little about this old nitro beasts and was always fascinated by them, but never expected to ever find myself owning one. So far I've never considered getting into Nitro RC and all the extra fuss that apparently comes with it (I have no first hand experience whatsoever).

But now this rough dinosaur is here and it's growing on me by the minute, so I'll have to figure out what to do with it eventually.
I lack the knowledge to judge by myself without taking it apart, but the previous owner said I wouldn't need much more than the engine, a new spur gear shaft and some love to run again.
Shocks, diffs, fuel tank, chain, ladder frame and linkages all feel and look to be in pretty good shape rhough they've clerly had a fair amount of use.

I'd like to hear opinions on what I should do with it. Let's say I decide to go ahead and dive into the vintage nitro rabbit hole, source the parts needed, restore the buggy and learn my ropes about basic nitro operation. Once the car is up and running, would I have any hope of actually enjoying it for at least a few runs in a row without major maintenance, or would every half-an-hour run result in many hours of bench work?
I have no problem with maintenance at all in general and am used to doing it on my 1/10 buggies pretty often, though I have my limits. If I decide to have an operating Nitro car in my fleet, I'd like it to be enjoyable on a more frequent basis than the once-in-a-blue-moon use these vintage cars usually get.

If this Vanning can have a chance of becoming a relatively reliable runner I might as well take the challenge and restore it, but if it's more the type that will blow my mind for A single run and then for one or the other reason end up sitting on a shelf for another 20 years, than it might not be worth the effort for me at this time and I'll just probably end up letting it go to help finance more down to earth projects in my electric, comfort zone.

Any opinion and advice on the matter from whoever knows these cars will be deeply appreciated, thanks in advance.

A few pictures. As a plus, the car came with original manual and a good bag of spares

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Whoa!! P.R.O.J.E.C.T good luck



It seems to have the Kyosho Platinum shocks all around. Nice upgrade.



It's a Kyosho and a chain drive. I'm sold. I would be curious to convert it to brushless since I'm ECO friendly kindda guy but I'm curious if anyone actually makes a resto shell for the Vanning? Can't wait to see an update on this when you finish the project. Nice catch btw



Interesting looking thing looks a fun project!



Thanks for the kind comments guys!
Yeah it's a nice catch indeed, but judging by the info I've gathered so far il seems that this project is more than I can afford at the moment in terms of time and money. I do have room enough to store it for the future so that's an option, but somehow it doesn't feel right. I hate to say it but I'm probably gonna let it go so that somebody else can give this beast the love it deserves.
Still thinking about it but seems pretty clear by now where this is going: in the sell/trade section of the site



Yeah that's the problem with this fantastic hobby of ours lol its too damn expensive!!!

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