Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 29-Apr-2021
Comments: 5
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Love the chassis but if there is one car that needed it's box art revamping, this would be very high on my list lol. Going back to the chassis, what is there not to love? It's a classic retro in my book and that's all there needs to be said. I'm almost certain I've almost completed the lineup of the Kyosho re-re's? If I'm missing anything, kindly comment below.




Oh you tease I love it. I need to get a Tomahawk. But you are right about the boxart, it is rather boring.

You have a few to go of the rere Kyoshos, unless some aren’t listed here.

Optima, Javelin, Turbo Optima, Turbo Sand and Fantom.



Jesper, trust you to be the one to pick out what I'm still missing. It certainly wouldn't pass you and didn't disappoint Haha
Ok so I came back late in the game. I could've had a Fantom by now had I not been busy fiddling my thumbs by the sidelines, dwelling if I should get one or not, I've raced onroad in the past but buggies are my real passion and so that's my alibi but a poor excuse from a collectors perspective. Thanks for reminding me I need to kick myself in the butt once more ;P
As for the Optima's & Turbo Optima's ARRRGGGGHHH!!! This one for sure I've been pulling my hair out, it was rather close. As I'm coming back in, Kyosho had announced they were stopping production, me the idiot was thinking there's plenty enough to go around. BIG MISTAKE!! And right now, I'm on the sidelines waiting for a shop to magically scoop some and hoping I'll be lucky enough to get one or two . The Javelin was not high on my list at the time but if I can get one right now, I would. As for the Turbo Sand? Not sure what that one is, I'm thinking you meant the Turbo Scorpion? How is it you always know which one I will put up for display next? lol.

You gonna post your delicious Lazer ZX (resto) today? you did everywhere else.



I will really be surprised if the new owners don’t continue the legendary series, would be a pity not to, especially cause there are so many we want back haha.

Haven’t put in any RC’s here for a while, so I have to catch up.



I picked one of these beautys too it was a local opportunity and came with full set of brushless lipo power. The car can handle the power and is pure fun as it is still iconic in design and materials.

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