Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 1-May-2021
Comments: 4
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Hi guys how cute is this! Its my Kyosho Turbo Optima 14X from the FA series! I have just finished a little resto job on it! I also have the Sky Bomber but not worked on that one yet its an odd looking thing that one but defo different.
These are a little piece of Kyosho history! Back in the day kyosho made the FA series and went into battle putting their FA series up against Tamiya's QD series!
Fun little things!
Anyway thanks for looking and any comments welcome cheers James.

6 Kyosho Turbo Optima 14X 4 Tyre lettering a must!! 7 I love the looks of this little buggy! 4 Made it into Model Cars magazine August 1989 6 With its brother the Sky Bomber! 4 Kyosho Sky Bomber! 5 Kyosho Turbo Optima 14X 6 Has a special Le Mans X5 motor on board! 2 8xAA for power and easy access to crystal 6 Simple but familiar front suspension 2 Simple suspension and high and low lever! 3 Surprisingly has trims!! 3 Sand super tyres...nice! 3 From a Kyosho catalogue! Hop ups too....




I always liked these little kits. They remind you why you got into the hobby back in the day, started off as looking for a next level toy, that turned into a racer to compete with, then later a collector item and forever an obsession. Nice collection James.



Wow this buggy looks great and is so cute! Quirky little things, I didn't know that Kyosho roared back at the QD series with these cars, the Sky Bomber also looks cool with that'80s starship-y shape! It's interesting to learn about them, thanks for posting and nice catch!



Thanks guys appreciate your comments cheers James.

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