Model: (Click to see more) 58263: Opel V8 Coupe DTM2000
Status: New built
Date: 1-May-2021
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TA01 chassis built up from parts with a new Opel v8 coupe body, matching the yellow paint and the yellow decals was a pain, I had to mix ps6 with ps19 to get as close as possible then paint with a brush.
Carbon chassis set
FRP damper mounts
Black gearcases
Aluminium front uprights
Aluminium steering arms
Pink universal shafts
Skyline rear universal shafts
Skyline front suspension arm set
Hard prop shaft
Urethane bumper
Stainless suspension shafts
Ball diffs front/rear
Aluminium pressure plate set x2
Tungsten diff balls
Hard diff cups
Torque control unit
Carbon gear shafts
Aluminium motor mount
Lightweight aluminium wheel hexes
Pink King pins
Pink servo stays
High torque servo saver
Adjustable camber links
Adjustable steering links
Pink/silver low friction damper set
Aluminium ball connectors
Titanium screws throughout
Tamiya sealed bearings
Mesh type 26mm front wheels/wide mesh type rear wheels
Radial grip matching tyres
Touring tyre inserts
CPR 100f unit
Acto touring motor
Tamiya servo
EX 1700 battery

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