Model: (Click to see more) 58587: Neo Fighter Buggy
Status: New built
Date: 4-May-2021
Comments: 5
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This is my take on a Nova Grasshopper. I have always loved the design of the original Grasshopper - the bodyshell, the graphics, the wheels, everything really just captures the very essence of what Tamiya RCs were to me in the 80ies. I have had several Grasshoppers and Hornets as a kid and I constantly optimized and tuned them and drove the hell out of them. They were really fun and rather poor handling. Looking at the Grasshopper box art, the suspension looks much more capable with IRS and long springs.
I started looking for a better chassis to do a Nova Grasshopper, this time the handling should back up the cool Grasshopper looks. The DT-03 was my choice, the latest Tamiya entry level buggy chassis for the awesome 80ies entry level body shell.
I think it turned out pretty good. The overall proportions are great, the body shell works well with the increased width and wheelbase. Only thing I need to get used to is the motor/gearbox sitting out the back.
At first I tried out white star-dish wheels to stay with the original colourway but they didn't really look right to me, so black wheels it is.
Fun fact: On the DT-03 chassis there are in fact mounting provisions to mount the Grasshopper style side bumper guards.
I might swap the rear tires for sand paddle style tires if I find a set that fits.
I modified the Grasshopper body shell for the front shock towers and also filled in the original motor cut-out on the right side of the shell. I modified the shock towers to accommodate room for the body shell and made new body mounts.

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Great job, really captures the essence of one of Tamiya’s early kit for the mass’s.






Nice one! Great idea and well executed also. I have some Grasshopper livery stuff in the pipeline myself, but nothing with a DT-03 involved



Love it! I want one! It's an instant classic combo. The only things missing are the drivers forearms! Lol.

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