Model: (Click to see more) 58322: Porsche Carrera GT
Status: NIB
Date: 8-May-2021
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Was delighted to find this TB-02 kit NIB a year or so ago, at less than    £100! So decided to dig through the TB-02R manual and pull together all the parts to build a full TB-02R. It was a pretty long list!

  1054394 TB-02R Instruction Manual
  53899 Reversible Lightweight Suspension Set
  53501 42mm Swing Shafts (Front)
  53502 42mm Lightweight Swing Shafts (Rear)
  53713 Suspension Mount A (Blue, new / updated part number for 50980) x4
  50981 Suspension Mount B 1.5deg x2
  50982 Suspension Mount C 2.0deg x2
  50983 Suspension Mount D 2.5deg x2
  50994 5mm Suspension Balls
  53628 Evo III Aluminium Upper Arm Mount Set x2
  53571 TRF Damper Set
  50998 Evo III CF Front Damper Stay
  50999 Evo III CF Rear Damper Stay
  4304069 CF Front Brace
  4304070 CF Rear Brace
  49348 CF Battery Plate
  53679 SSG Carbon Centre Plate
  3455437 Antenna Post
  3 Racing TA04-IF06/LB Blue Aluminium Battery Mount Screws
  53686 Evo III Lightweight Aluminium Propeller
  53680 Aluminium Motor Mount
  58331 Heat Sink (new / updated part number for 3455776)
  53627 Evo III Reinforced Diff Joints x2
  9334096 Spur Gear Bag 52/55/58T
  53677 Stabiliser Set (F&R)
  49367 Aluminium Racing Steering Set
  19805972 Steering Posts
  19805974 10.5mm Aluminium Posts
  13454312 Bearing Holder
  53723 Aluminium Servo Mounts
  51000 Hi-torque Servo Saver
  54159 Aluminium Servo Horn
  54863 Aluminium Servo Saver Cap
  49400 620 Ball Thrust Bearings
Ceramic Silicone Nitride 3mm Diff Balls
53859 Metal Plated 5 Spoke Rims (way nicer than the grey plastic that came with the kit)

There's a full build thread here

2 2 4 4 2 2 Sticker adhesive weak in places need a bit of glue 2 2 1 2 1 1 1 Yes, FL and RR wheels are in the wrong corners! 3 original kit 1 all the hop ups 1 Built to this manual 1 Enough leftover(ish) to build the original TB-02!

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