Model: (Click to see more) 99990: Event/Action Photos
Status: Runner
Date: 8-May-2021
Comments: 7
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I like taking pictures and videos of my cars while I drive them. I enjoy it to a point that it has become part of my running habits.
As a result, I have a lot of action photos that I would like to share with fellow members here, so I thought I'd dedicate a few showroom entries just to that: action shots!

Hope you'll enjoy :)

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I always enjoy your RC pictures. Nice compilation.



Brilliant stuff Ferruz, the hardest part must be just trying to choose which ones to show out of all of them!!



Me too! Again some top shots!



Really nice to see the cars in action!



Thank you for the kind comments guys! Glad you like the action shots, and there's more where that came from. Cheers



Still shot of the Manta Ray in the snow is my favorite. And tbh and as wierd this may sound since I really have little insterest or love for either the Grasshopper & Hornet, the last two shots of the red Hornet have me wondering and reasses my evaluation. The color of the shell and the way you've captured them have got me thinking. This is awesome. The shot of the truck with the building in the background makes it look like this shot was taken in Siberia or some abandone building (a story to tell perhaps?) lol. Don't mind me



@Dirt Racer Lol thank you for your comment, happy to hear I've sparked some interest for the Hornet! Although basic if compared to most cars here, it's still an amazing buggy to me and I always recommended for some FUN and its scale looks.
Believe it or not, that abandoned looking Siberian building is actually a huge video game firm!! At least most of it as far as I know!

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