Model: (Click to see more) 58418: The Boomerang
Status: NIB
Date: 10-May-2021
Comments: 3
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The Boomerang was my very 1st TAMIYA RC car. My mom bought it for me as my birthday gift when I was in 5th grade I believe.
The original car is long gone, don't know where. Now I'm all grown and got reunited with this beautiful car.
Found this brand new at a store in shopping mall near my sister's house. Got the last one and extremely happy!!





I am a big fan of this buggy too! The Boomerang was my first 4wd and l raced it on Sunday's at my local club! Great buggy! Always a looker in my eyes too!
Iol l have just posted on the TC a very small Boomerang indeed! Love all Boomerangs!! Yeah a classic for sure!
Enjoy your Boomerang mate!



Thank you James! Just visited your showroom and what an amazing collection you have! Hope to see you often on TC!



Thank you appreciated.

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