Model: (Click to see more) 58157: TA02RS 4WD Chassis Kit
Status: NIB
Date: 16-May-2021
Comments: 4
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Built from a racing special chassis kit a few years ago.
Added a Zakspeed Capri in the black Wurth livery which has to be my favourite of all the Zakspeed Capri's.
Chrome wheels with centers painted gold, racing radial tyres, wide rear.
I used TA01 rear suspension arms to bring the wheelbase down to 251mm.
Hop ups added on top of the fairly well equipped kit,
Super low friction damper set blue/silver
Aluminium knuckles
Aluminium front hubs
Blue front universals
Carbon chassis set
Blue aluminium King pins
FRP front and rear damper mounts
Urethane bumper
Carbon shafts
Blue aluminium servo stays
Stabilizer set
Tungsten diff balls
Hard joint cups
Titanium screws
Aluminium ball connectors/nuts
Dynatech 02H motor
1400 NB battery
CPR 160f unit

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Very nice livery. Very well done. Is this the MCI Racing decal ?

sven b


Yes it is with a few additions



What an absolute beauty inside and out, really really nice body and wheels plus that is one special chassis.



Love it - great car, beautifully done. I dread to think how may hours went into both body and chassis to get it all to this standard (but please spend another minute or two to trim the body posts!).

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