Model: (Click to see more) 99930: Tamiya 1/10th Models 44001-44029
Status: Restored
Date: 22-May-2021
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This is an M04 parts car that I finished with updated parts, custom shortened chassis [ carbon fiber ] to accomodate the TBG Golf Mk 1 body with I believe is 1/12 not 1/10.

Custome CF electronics plate with aluminum stadoffs
Yeah racing shocks
fast speed servo
Tamiya Sport tuned of course :)
Custom Grille and with fog lights and rear brake lights from a Tamiya hi- lux

This car is a blast to run and has become my go to! the Ps-20 just Pops - really retro and agressive

Hope you like it!

1 love this shot - one of if not my favorite livery 1 just enough realism and practicality 1 body off 1 you can see the vision Styrene is amazing 1 made to run, run rabbit run 1 I thought the m07r was short....




that fluorescent red is magic.

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