Model: (Click to see more) 99996: Radio Gear
Status: Parts
Date: 5-Jun-2021
Comments: 8
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Clearing out time for all the old radio gear I have been collecting. Not sure how much of this works, but I do know that some don't, or are missing parts, or have been scavenged for parts. Trying to figure out whether it's actually worth cleaning up and testing some of them, or if I should just offload them.

Scary thing is, these transmitters are just the 'third level' transmitters. After clearing out these, I can turn my focus to the other levels - second level, which is nice, known working AM transmitters and higher quality FM gear, and first level, which is all the more modern 2.4 stuff.

Also pictured is the two 4-channel vintage units I have procured over the years. The Vanguard unit is in good condition, and comes with a matching Futaba 4-channel receiver and servos, while the STAC-4 works, but the matching Sanwa receiver seems to be a touch buggy - not sure if it's a transmitter, receiver or servo issue, or if the battery power to the RX was too low.

Finally, part one of my receiver stash.... I REALLY have too many receivers!

26 That's a few transmitters... 28 Some cool sticks in here... 30 Few nice wheels too... 23 Vintage 4-channel rigs - no 3-speed though. 24 One pile of receivers... 15 Futaba F-plug lot.


Andy D.


Looks like you're the founding member of Transmitters anonymous.



There are some transmitters I´ve never seen before!
I could never give any of them away, even I know I dont´t use them (collectors sight)
Regards Peter



Some memories there - I had a Laser 2 back in the 80's.



Before I sold some of mine , I might have given you a run for your money on the Transmitter stash front - I still have too many tho'



The Sanwa Dash is a nice handset

hot rod


Who don't love an old transmitter. I have a few boxed sets myself but limited myself to the acoms brand at the moment... do have an old futaba attack r with my vintage bigwig and a bycmo with my super hot shot but thats it. Great little collection there with history



I throw most of mine away unless they are significant. I used to keep them but simply had two many!

Mad Zero


The steer wheel one in pic 2 is my favourite

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