Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 8-Jun-2021
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I have a MK2 Stinger and wanted a MK1 To go with it, so much so that I actually converted a MK2 parts car into a MK1! It's almost complete but missing the rear chassis brace. Of course like a lot of people, I was searching eBay trying to find parts and came across an almost complete MK1 stinger!
Well, this past weekend I finally completed the tear down and cleaning of the MK1. It was missing the body, chain, front dog bones and the chain tensioner when I got it. Luckily I had bought several vintage optima chains and used 2 to get the correct length. The body's are TBG repros and the front dog bones are from the re re optima/ultima which are the same length. The chain tensioner was something I thought I'd never find outside of buying another parts car, especially new in package! LoL. I also added a FastEddy bearing kit while I was at it just because I hate bushings, even in a display car! Oh, I can't forget the spring collars which are always broken on these but are replaced with the re re Scorpion parts which are stronger than the originals.
The last 2 pic is my collection of Stingers, 1 original MK1, 1 converted MK2 into a 1, 2 original MK2's and the extra MK2 bodies.

5 Tires are the Bridgestones from the Rocky/Montero 2 5 Top car is the converted MK2 into a MK1 Stinger 2 Left car is the converted MK2 into a MK1 Stinger 5 Red car still needs to be cleaned up 6 NIP MK2 body

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