Model: (Click to see more) 58525: Wild One
Status: Runner
Date: 15-Jun-2021
Comments: 10
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Another long-term project finally sees daylight!.

It's sorta my take on a Comical Wild One, but as I've shortened it so much (about 85mm) it's more like a Comical Wild Three-Quarters!
So yes, quite severely shortened, the wheelbase is down from 255mm to 170mm to match the other Comical buggies. The chassis was cut at the rear of the battery compartment. There's a nice solid chunk of vertical plastic there, which was the key to making this work. Some 3mm thick aluminium angle is bolted to that vertical piece and the floor of the chassis to hold it all together. A first attempt at plastic welding on the sides finished the chassis. It actually feels pretty solid.

With the chassis shortened, the challenge was making everything else work (and fit!).
I wanted to use the same tyres as some of the other Comical range. But the only way I could make that work is using Wild Willy 2 wheels with Comical tyres. The fronts looked way too wide so I narrowed them (another first attempt, I learnt a lot on this project!). The standard Wild One rear wheel adaptors are very deep, there's about 20mm between the pin and the threads, so a pair of axle wideners was the only way to put it all together. But then I found the axles are a slightly larger diameter than usual, so the wideners had to be drilled out to fit.

And it's been that sort of project ; do something, find a problem, fix the problem, do something else, find a problem, fix the problem, rinse and repeat.
The final challenge was the battery. No way was a stick pack going to fit! But I have a couple of these little Zippy flight packs (I use them for my Dancing Rider trike). Almost a perfect fit in the little box behind the driver. So a few mods to the box and in it went.

Of course there was only one choice for the driver
The bodywork/cockpit, such as it is, is just some plasticard sheet and a few left-over decals.

So after all that work, and waffle, here it is. Hope you like it!

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Nice job . I belongs in the comical family



great execution - I love the comicals!



That is one very good looking Wild comical! In the fifth picture the left rear camber seems to be a bit of, maybe it's just the picture? Great work anyway!



That’s brilliant Rob, looks awesome



Iol Rob you really have a kack for these and l am thinking what could you come up with next?? Great skills and imagination mate! I am thinking with that wide wheel base this thing would be very stable have you tried it out yet?



I wish that Tamiya see this, and contacts you for releasing this as a kit.
This would be a must have for me, as I like the comical cars a lot.
Again you had proved your high skills in building awesome cars!
Regards Peter



Just love this! That is all!



Thank you all for your kind comments, very much appreciated. Kinda reassuring that I'm not the only one who likes slightly mad stuff like this!

@Tamiyastef - there's no camber adjustment on this so I think it's just the photo. Possibly some built-in camber, exaggerated by the extra width and larger tyres. I honestly don't know.

And James, I've only driven it indoors so far. I can report that it wheelies on carpet and does wicked doughnuts on smooth floors






This is so good, absolutely love it

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