Model: (Click to see more) 58149: Rover Mini Cooper
Status: New built
Date: 18-Jul-2021
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Many Tamiya Models are made with a base part which make them interchangeable. the first one is the M01 where with another motor module, you can make a double motor Mini (Although no shell would actually fit), this was somewhere in 2002. Then in 2010, i found a FF01 and took a rear section of a TA02 to form the FF01/TA02 twin motor touring car. the next car was actually a M03/M04 Hybrid, a project by my friend Nishinaga San from Toyoma Japan. he nicknamed his project as the Goblin. The TA03 using TA03F front and TA03R Rear is a 2020/2021 Project. I glad i finally built it.

1 M01 with another M02 Rear 5 2 x 540 motor chosen 2 Servo is a Santa Spec GP 3 The top view reveal twin Motor Set up 3 FF01 front 3 TA02 Red Rear Gearbox plenty of space 2 M03/M04 Set up, nicknamed Goblin The Center part is made of G-10 4 The ESC used is KO-VFS-FR TA03F with TA03R Rear Motor gearbox creates this Spring and Antiroll bar both yellow 1 Top View of the TA03TM

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These are real gems IMO. I have never build a two motor car yet but it's on my shortlist. I will start with one that's designed that way to begin with

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