Model: (Click to see more) 58041: The Frog
Status: Restored
Date: 18-Jul-2021
Comments: 6
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I originally bought this in a second hand shop in the late 1980's... it was just the bare chassis, covered with thick black paint and the gearbox. And I had no idea what it was, not even that it was a Tamiya of some kind.
But I loved the quirky suspension design so wanted to try and rebuild it. And I did eventually- it just took me about thirty years to get around to it :/

I've made a few updates, mostly around the front suspension- I wanted to add dampers, so added them with a cantilever design using pullrods- trying to mimic the look of the rear suspension. I did it mostly just for the fun of making it different, but I'm quite happy with how it handles too. Also added a few bits to get rid of the bump steer and all the slop in the front joints.

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Amazing job!!! The colors are quite fitting, and that front suspension looks very trick.



Very trick Frog mate, love all the mods! front suspension is really something and steering set too!



Great job, looks like an awesome racer for back in the day. Maybe if it originally came like this, AE RC10 may not have won everything



That's some really nice home engineering, congrats on the amazing result! I actually like the stance and colours better than the original. I can't estimate how much of the stance is due to the reworked suspension and how much to the modern wheels and tires. Frankly I don't even care, I really like the end result!



Thanks for the comments!
Tamiyastef, I wasn't too sure about the wheels... it almost changes the look of the car too much? But like you say it does have a better stance with them, so I couldn't resist! It's also had the nose of the bodywork lowered a little bit



IMO you really nailed it. It does look much different but in a good way, so not too much

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