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Status: NIB
Date: 21-Jul-2021
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Finally after months, it's in the UK.
After the initial excitement of the TT-02B, it revealed itself to be unsuitable in stock form as a decent buggy, hopups were also really slow to be I sold them on.....never to buy another....
Then tamiya release this, the Quadtrack.
Because of my dislike of the chassis I thought it was a bit overpriced but being that it's available, it's an involved build with 54 steps and probably the new record holder for a tamiya off road vehicle with the most ball bearings (92?) That I bought it anyway!
Build will commence after my Unimog CC-02 is finished.

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Its cool, dunno why but I wanna see the quad track with on a Defender.



Haribo yum yum!! Iol just kidding mate! very nice mate what a buy! This has heaps of potential!
Those tracks look a pain in the bum to build though! But l think you could have loads of fun with one of these!



92? Even for Tamiya that's completely bonkers Will be an interesting build though.



Well, quadtrack is not my cup of tea, however, I would really appreciate TC member's genuine feedback after built would be so helpful!! Keep us posted!!



Had to google it to see it on youtube, love it. Also great new part options for TT-02's. Could do a half track army truck

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