Model: (Click to see more) 42001: BMT Tamiya 931 K4 Racing
Status: Project
Date: 23-Jul-2021
Comments: 4
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Picked this up in Japan for just    £90 and these are the auction pictures for now. A really well hopped up BMT 931 K4 with a very nice Kyosho 959 body. Will get cleaned up for my collection when it arrives. A few little changes like fresh servo arms, green fuel tubing to pull out the BMT hints etc.

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That’s cheap! I wish I could find awesome kits or cars for peanuts too.



Awesome pick up. Trying to understand if it’s a 1/8 or 235mm chassis? Don’t know anything about these



Quick bit of research tells me it’s 1/10. Didn’t realise it was a collaboration between Tamiya and BMT, thought it was just a BMT, makes it an even better pick up! Look forward to the inevitable build thread



Yes, they did 10 items together in the 42001 to 42010 series. 7 kits and 3 engines.

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