Model: (Click to see more) 58043: The Grasshopper
Status: Runner
Date: 23-Jul-2021
Comments: 6
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My son's Grasshopper taking some abuse. The car is vintage (ouch!), but the body shell is re-re. ESC fitted so he can brake!

Update 01 Sept 2021: A few more running action photos. Gravel bashing!

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Always a nice sight, jumping Grasshoppers. This car got a lot of us hooked in the eighties, credit to the design that today's youth can still enjoy this without major changes.



I agree! It's the car that got me hooked in the eighties, as a friend of mine at school had one. I'd never even heard of Tamiya until then, but it wasn't long until I was flicking through the Tamiya catalogue dreaming of what I wanted. Would it be the Grasshopper or the Hornet or could I push my parents to buy me a 4WD model! As it was 1986 and the Boomerang had just been released, that's what I decided I wanted, and I still have it today, but yeah the Grasshopper was the launch car for me into the world of RC. Great memories!



Agree 100% guys its an absolute classic!!!
Great to see it getting some air in pic 3...



Still one of my favorites, never get tired of seeing them. Nice job.



I just love Grasshoppers!! Nothing wrong with hoppers hopping and jumping!!

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