Model: (Click to see more) 58167: Toyota Toms EXIV JTCC
Status: New built
Date: 13-Aug-2021
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Updated 9/1. Added photos of completed body work. Decided against using the touring cockpit and just smoked the glass. Spoiler, mirrors, and tires done. Painted wing stays black. Ended up looking pretty good!

Opinions welcome.

What you got to know about me is I like PS-11. I was hoping the pink and red would blend well together like cake and ice cream. It isn't finished yet, but I am conflicted. I want to like it. I will paint the spoiler and mirrors this week. Touring car interior enroute from RC Mart.

Has the following:
*RZ super stock motor
*TA02/03 front universal shafts
*Yeah Racing blue aluminum dampers with Tamiya blue and red springs.
*FF01 heat sink
*Tamiya FF01 bearing set.
*26mm Tamiya tire foams

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