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Status: NIB
Date: 21-Aug-2021
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Picked this up in early August 2021.
I'm always drawn to things that are 'non-standard', so finding an old hop up aftermarket parts set which will convert my TA04 to a two speed definitely fits the bill!

Has anyone come across this set before, and any experience using one?

36 38 31 Stock parts image found on the web



I’m new to the group so firstly want to thank everyone for accepting me. Mate I was so after this for my TRF414 whie it was on the bay for £120. Spent the money on a dodgy TM2 manifold and muffler from same seller instead and now I’m kicking myself. After studying the one or two pics of it on the net I’m pretty certain it works the same way TG10mk.1 two speed does i.e. first gear on the left is on a one way bearing. 2nd gear is on a spring loaded centrifugal clutch. As the speed of the motor gets up to the RPM determined by the spring tension the clutch shoes are forced outwards and grip the inside of the 2nd gears hub assembly disengaging 1st gear, likewise when the rpm decreases the clutch shoes are forced inwards by the spring disengaging 2nd and engaging back into 1st.

Because the TA04, TRF414 design places the centre of gravity and rotating mass of the spur gear high they have simplified it to use fewer parts than the TG10 and to keep it light. Very elegant design.

Reason I didn’t pull the trigger is one of my mates said 2speed on electric cars doesn’t make much of a difference because motors rely on all out RPM not torque. Torque can be adjusted using gearing on electric. So on the track it won’t have much advantage over a single speed car with the right gearing. I feel they were wrong and I’m really curious to know how well it works and if it is worth the money.

I’d be very interested if you were looking to sell yours

Thanks Jiv



Thanks for the comment, really interesting to read. I bought this out of curiosity really, and will at some point see how it works on a TA04 I have which is hopped to TRF spec. In the end, as I’d bought from the seller before, I did a private deal and it now owes me just over £50.

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