Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Runner
Date: 4-Sep-2021
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A couple of years ago I was on business travel in Denver Colorado. I was getting the itch for something R/C. Went to the local hobby shop and after a glowing review by the hobby store employee I walked out with this.

This truck is super fast. Right out of the box it will do 60+mph on a 3s battery. With that speed comes great crashes. I've replaced the stock ultimate drivelines with MIP CVD's. Suspension arms replaced with ones from RPM. Aluminum Motor mount with larger main bearing from HR has cut down on the amount of stripped spur gears. Currently the chassis is broken and I have a new replacement. I'm just waiting until it really breaks. It just keeps trucking away

You can't get too attached to your body. The stock body was hammered in just a few weeks of running. I bought a custom painted body from Andy's that is a work of art but will never get ran. It's currently wearing a proline bug body which I like the best. Most times it will roll back up on its wheels.

2 1 Oceano Dunes 1 1 2 The dirt lot where I saw my first Sand Scorcher 1 Oceano dunes 1 1 2




cool cool cool color scheme!



Lovely looking pics! Crazy fun looking RC mate!



Yeah that's really cool! I love it!

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