Model: (Click to see more) 42203: TRF201 Chassis Kit
Status: NIB
Date: 4-Sep-2021
Comments: 4
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Hi fellow rc collectors, this is several weeks of hunting for hop up parts to convert my Zahhak DN01 to a TRF 201. So I'm doing a full conversion and changing every part that needs to be changed. Wanted to own a TRF201 for some time now but they are very very rare to find so going about it the best way possible. I will upload the finished car in the future with a full TRF paint scheme. Not a cheap adventure by no means but what is cheap anymore in collecting rare buggys the prices have gone thro the roof making it so expensive. So here's a few pics of various TRF items, many thanks and happy collecting. Pinpoint.

4 4 Universal drives shafts, 201 differential. 3 Hard to find TRF 201 body shell. 4 So lucky to get a full set of turnbuckles. 3 Carbon battery holder with reanforced 201 chassis. 4 Front and rear big bores. 4 Slipper clutch. 2 Suspension ungrades with various alloy hop ups.




Great car



That's going to be some buggy lots of lovely goodies!



Thank you guys..



All the good stuff together!

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