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Status: New built
Date: 8-Sep-2021
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I know many of you guys won't be interested in this, but I usually just post every RC I finish in my Showroom so bear with me.

This all started from a set of tires I received in an Axial SMT10 parts lot a while back - the 2.2 JConcepts Fling King tires you see here. I initially thought they were just over-the-top goofy looking and stashed them with my other spare wheel/tire sets. A few weeks ago I came across them again and suddenly had a change of heart and came to apprecaite them for what they are - serious mud flinging tires. I do a lot of trail running in mud so figured I'd put them on something. Never wanting to tear down a truck I've already built and start over (I use them all pretty regularly), I decided a new SCX10 II builders kits would be the way to go for this one.

Built the kit stock at first, but after mounting a spare 82 GMC body I had lying around I realized I would need a bit more ground clearance for the huge tires. I really didn't want to modify the chassis too much from stock and use lift plates, so just used some 100mm scale shocks to raise the suspension about 10mm. This gave me the clearance I was looking for without making it look ridiculous and too tall. I did have to modify the links a bit for driveline angle and slight wheelbase adjustment, but other than the shocks the truck remains 99% stock.

I kept the panhard/chassis mounted servo setup for now and am using a 25kg servo for the big tires. Motor is a 550 sized 12T brushed unit with the HW 1080 ESC. Haven't had it in the mud yet (hopefully this weekend), but these tires are awesome. On hard surfaces the truck just bounces as each lug comes around, they are that aggressive. In the grass/dirt it smooths out a lot and I'm sure it won't be an issue on the trails. I was running it in the grass for a bit and at full throttle the fresh clippings were being flung about 2-3 feet in the air by the giant lugs in the tires, pretty funny to watch. Going to be interesting in the mud. The only other thing I plan on doing is adding some inner fenders as I'm pretty sure this thing is going to be flinging mud everywhere.

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I'm loving this truck! Looks awesome, and the tyres look proper mean!



That's a great looking truck! I'm a sucker for 70's and 80's GMC/Chevy trucks so it ticks all the boxes for me. I think fitting inner fenders will be a good move looking at that tread pattern, and given the lawn shredding you've already witnessed! I look forward to seeing how you get on in the mud.



Great looking truck! I think inner fenders are a very good idea



Thanks guys, glad you like it! Yea, definitely going to need inner fenders or the inside of the body and everything in the chassis will be a complete mess. I'm not much of a fabricator, but going to try and use thin sheet aluminum or roof flashing as I've done in the past. Even if they're not perfect a good coat of textured black paint usually makes them blend in pretty well. I do see some inner fender kits out there for the SCX10, but not sure they'd work with my huge open wheelwells.



That looks awesome!



Oh a MT fanatic I absolutely love the result! Nice work!!

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