Model: (Click to see more) 99983: Associated
Status: Runner
Date: 9-Sep-2021
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Body and tube by Shawn Miller
#6037 RC10 Worlds Car, complete kit with ball bearings. Less motor, battery, radio, and all electrical
New chassis material, pre-milled and black hard-anodized
New graphite composite front and rear shock towers
New strong, black composite front and rear suspension arms
New rear bulkhead with new adjustment points
New fiberglass battery strap
New graphite transmission brace
New yellow 3-piece front wheels, 2.175' 1-piece rear wheels
New Pro-Line ® XTR tires, front and rear, with rear foam inserts
New RC Performance Pecialties ® Turbo Mirage polycarbonate body
New bushing bellcrank steering
New silicone shock oil
New 1.02' rear shock shafts ans suspension travel limiters, front and rear
Associated transmission
Hard anodized PTFE-sealed shocks
Aluminum inline front axles
30 deg. caster blocks
Universal-dogbone rear axles

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What a beauty ! Love pretty much everything on the car. Great work !

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