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Status: NIB
Date: 10-Sep-2021
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This long term project has been a labor of love.

2007 I bought an RC10 with an Ascot sprint car conversion. Rebuilt the chassis with a bunch of cool parts and didn't really do much with it after that so it sat in a box.

2012 I switched out the chassis with a vintage one from JG and polished up the Tecnacraft wheels on it. It looked great but I can never leave well enough alone.

2014 I bought a second ascot sprint car just to get the Advance Engineering wheels. When Dhawk started making aluminum RC10 parts I knew the direction I wanted to go with this build

2020 while on lockdown I rebuilt the chassis with a full set of Dhawk parts. For the transmission I used a Rogue Element Components 6 gear case running Thorp 48 pitch gears. Composite craft motor plate. Body was painted for me by Andy's with my favorite Shodog livery.

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Outstanding . I love these Sprint cars . The make over is superb !! - into my fav's

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