Model: (Click to see more) 58320: TRF415 Chassis
Status: Restored
Date: 10-Sep-2021
Comments: 8
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This is a mint condition chassis I bought from an eBay seller more than 10 years ago. Doesn't look like it was ever used.

When Tamiya released the 58571 Porsche Carrera in 2013 I bought a kit and a spare body. I fell in love with the body and not the TT-02 chassis that sits under it. Since the spare body had no predrilled body mount holes, I was free to use it on whatever.

I built the TT-02 Carrera with the Martini livery. So I was thinking Road car for this body and instead of another TT-02 chassis which I already had, I wanted to use something more bespoke of a chassis
The challenge is that this Porsche body is for a 252mm wheelbase. And the TRF chassis is 257-260 mm. With a combination of rear TA-04 reversible arms and spacing the arms inward I was able to fit the body. Love the way it turned out

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It looks ace. Love the look. Very nice job indeed. Don't you mean the rear arms from the TA-04SS and not the front arms? looks like the rear arms looking at the underside of the chassis. Thanks for sharing.

Cameron PS


Beautiful painting work!



Looks awesome....well worth the extra effort to fit that body!



Looking fantastic!



RC Art, stunning



Pure Porsche porn. Very nice.

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