Model: (Click to see more) 58643: The Grasshopper II (2017)
Status: Runner
Date: 12-Sep-2021
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This is our Grasshopper II after running a few batteries. I say 'our' because it is one of the kits the whole family drives. It is also one of the kits that got me back into RC after a long pause.

When I first saw this The Grasshopper II in the late 1980's the design looked very modern to me compared with the buggies I knew and loved up to then. I loved Japanese cartoons and toys like Star Blazers and Robotech, but I did not make the connection in design between them and Tamiya kits.

These days the Grasshopper II (2017) is one of my most used kits to run around with the kids or chase after them on scooters. This one is 100% box parts. The 380 motor seems fast enough for them when they take the controls. I set it to 1/2 half throttle as they learn to steer. This makes their crashes a little less painful to watch too :)

A little further down in the photos are transmitters, vintage Grasshopper II bags, and my local hobby shop that closed this month. Vintage parts bag tags take me back to the time I would thumb through these at my local hobby shop. I would often see kits I hadn't seen before. These are the 1988 Grasshopper II 58074

2 3 1 2 9 The transmitter family 1 A well worn steering wheel 2 Vintage parts bag tags take me back 3 Closed Sept. 2021 after 50 years 2 Once filled with Tamiya and other fun projects 4




That's sad news about your local hobby shop closing after 50 years in business. It's a shame it couldn't be saved.

Cameron PS


I agree. I’m glad it lasted as long as it did though. It was great being able to share the experience of a local hobby shop with a new generation. The family who owned and ran it decided to retire. I hope a new hobby shop business goes in.



50 years was a good run! But tough these days with online! They did well really to go into retirement undefeated!
Love the Hopper 2 its one of my favourites too!

Cameron PS


I am kind of amazed it lasted as long as it did. I think this speaks in part to it being well managed in the time of online shopping and to the community that supported it. These are local articles about the most recent 20+ year owner and what it looked like full of hobby stuff.

[Click here]
[Click here]

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