Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 13-Sep-2021
Comments: 2
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As i was already working with my colors i decided to paint the Optima Mid Custom Special Body.

Could not be sure about this car as i usually like the edges and not the curved ones.

After painting and Decals i must say i understand why some people like this car. Looks Jet-like in a good way!

Must do the letters on the tires   ‚¬ ¦

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Very nice. I wasn’t a fan either, until I got my hands on one. The body is actually quite nice. Do prefer the other Mids body style though, but this is not as bad either.



Thanks for your comment! I am curious about seeing the other LWB Mid Body (Optima Mid Custom) next to this car to compare a bit. But these are so different, one jet-style and one more like cars from older days, that they are simply not comparable… One good opportunity here is to paint a Body in some unusual colors like Gold, Silver or Bronze as mine.

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