Model: (Click to see more) 84436: M07-R Chassis Kit
Status: NIB
Date: 17-Sep-2021
Comments: 4
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This is an M07R with some added upgrades to give it RR status! Hop-ups include:
TA06 Gear diff cross shaft, metal bevel gears and aluminium diff cover
Aluminium counter and centre shafts
Aluminium front suspension mount (6 deg)
Aluminium rear suspension mounts
Front stabiliser
Aluminium steering arms and bridge
Aluminium motor heat sink
Carbon fibre damper stays for short TRF dampers
Carbon fibre bumper
M-chassis Aluminium Big Bore dampers

It's a gorgeous kit to build, everything is very precise and with machine screws throughout it offers a chance to use the thread-tapping drill. There are a couple of why have a hole in the chassis that you have to cover with tape? In such a precision design? Weird. But other than that it's a beauty

I'm only really a fan of Tamiya's retro body shells, particularly for M chassis, so had decided I was going to put an Alfa Giulia shell on least the motor's in the right place, even if it drives the wrong wheels! It did throw up a late challenge, as the M07 urethane bumper is way too big for the shallow front end of the Giulia shell. But a bit of measuring and cutting and I got it to fit

I then wanted to do something a bit different with the paint, and found a couple of pictures online of one with an Italian tricolore scheme on the nose which looked great. Masking the shell to try and emulate this was NOT fun...these shells would be so much easier if you could mask and paint ON them, rather than IN them. Spraying inside that ridge on the bonnet was a nightmare, and the join line between the red and white isn't great. But what'cha gonna do, huh? Nit picking aside, it looks pretty lovely, and I'm now terrified of ever driving it!

4 TA06 diff parts 2 Assembled diff 4 A precision chassis needs a hole taping? Really? 1 Nice to use the thread tapper 1 M chassis DCJs...fiddliest things on earth? 2 Front suspension mount 2 Rear suspension mounts 2 M chassis big bore dampers 2 Hmmm, that bumper doesn't fit! 2 Now it does! 2 Completed chassis 1 3 4 The tricolore paint job came out ok-ish 2 2 1




I like that a lot, looks ace!



Really nice! I have a M07 R myself and I was also impressed with the quality and kit details. I have the Honda Mugen CRX for my shell (painted in gun metal). I found a 3D printed plug for the dumb hole on the bottom. I believe the hole is for checking or changing pinion gear alignment. I have yet to drive mine cuz it’s too awesome. Haha. I’ll have to add pics of the M07 to my account this weekend



That looks very very nice! The chassis as well as the body. I can fully understand your hesitation to drive this.

Basket Case


That's a good looking body. I appreciate how much work it takes to do a good one, now I've finished one myself.

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